Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh My Burning!!!

Has anyone ever experienced vaginal burning that feels like the worst bladder infection you could ever imagine??


  1. Yes, and it WAS the worst bladder infection I'd ever had! It was so bad that my bladder was bleeding and I had to go to the emergency room! I know we are misdiagnosed all the time, but maybe you should try to find a way to eliminate an actual bladder infection just in case that is in fact what you have.

  2. yes, I have at my worst.

    thank you for replying to my blog, I just logged back into it tonite and it helped to know i was not alone.

  3. Hi Faith:) I just read up on IC.....I think I have that too!! I also have a tilted pelvis. Sounds like we have very similiar problems:( I am so sorry!!